iPad Air VS iPad Mini Which iPad Is The Best?

Bethany Walsh

Mar 03, 2022

iPads are highly in demand by people who love big screens. These are tablets designed and sold by Apple. Apple is one of the best phone manufacturers in the world. Their phones are highly in demand, and people are always ready and waiting for the new iPhone. iPad Air and iPad Mini are two tablets made by the company. They are the best iPads made by the company today; iPad Air VS iPad mini will compare the two iPads. This article will give users an idea about the best among both devices.

iPad Mini Specs VS iPad Air Specs

The comparison is important because there has been a huge debate on the topic, and this article will provide insight into both devices. The specs like a chip, dimensions, camera, and storage will be compared to give you a comprehensive look into both devices. iPad Air price will be compared to iPad mini to give you an idea about the devices and budget required to purchase them. The article will compare both devices for the user to save their time.

The weights of both devices will also be compared. It is important to know about the weight because carrying around a heavy device can be a problem. So, you will have a deeper look into the devices to find out the best among both. Read till the end and learn about them.


The chips used in the device have a huge impact on the device's performance. A newer version may work better than the previous version. So, it is important to know about the chip of the device you are purchasing. iPad mini has the latest A15 Bionic chip, while the other has the A14 Bionic chip. A14 works fast and is a good one, but A15 is the latest version and has the fastest speed. So, if you are looking for speed, then the mini-iPad should be your choice.


Dimensions of both iPads differ. The mini version is small than the other model of the iPad. You can buy them according to your needs. The mini has a display of 8.3 inches, and the display in the Air model is 10.9 inches. The Air model of the iPad is bigger than the mini, so if we're looking for a big screen, you should purchase the Air model.


There are two cameras on both devices, the main camera, and a front camera. Both devices' main or rear camera is the same, and they have 12 MP of the camera on the back. IPad Mini has the same 12 MP camera on the front, and Air has a 7 MP front camera. The front cam on the mini model is the best. So, if cameras are important for you, you must buy the iPad mini. It has the best camera among the two.


The storage is the most integral part of the tablet. Storage capacity allows you to add the data accordingly. Apple doesn’t allow you to add any memory card to their devices, so this means you will have to stick to the storage available. Both pads have a storage capacity of 64 GB and 256 Gb. The storage in both devices is the same and sufficient enough for any user.


The prices of both devices are same almost the same. iPad mini price is lower than its counterpart. Although the feature of the mini model is better than the Air one, the price is lower. The difference is minor and can be ignored, but it can be a problem if you are tight on budget. So, the best for you will be the one that best fits your budget.


The weight is important as a heavy device is difficult to carry around. iPad mini is lighter than the iPad Air. iPad mini weighs 297 grams; however, the iPad Air weighs 460 grams. If easy mobility is the requirement, then the mini version will be the best choice for that user. If mobility is not important, then they can buy iPad Air.


So, this article provides you with insight into both devices. iPad Air VS iPad mini compares both devices and makes it easy for the customers to choose one among the two. Both have amazing features and exclusive designs. It is up to which you regard as the best.

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