Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

Martin Wilson

Oct 11, 2022

The House of Mario promotes the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure primarily as a video game and only secondarily as exercise equipment. As you embark on a mission to defeat a villainous bodybuilder dragon named Dragaux, the action role-playing game challenges you to achieve victory by doing exercises such as squats, crunches, and downward dogs. And this is just the primary narrative mode; in addition, there are a tonne of minigames and unique exercises to choose from, each of which targets a different region of your body.

Nintendo wants you to pay attention to how shockingly enjoyable the game is, despite its strong emphasis on health and fitness. According to Nintendo, the additional dosage of endorphins delivered at each level's completion is only an added bonus. But do you get your money's worth out of Ring Fit Adventure? We examine the advantages and disadvantages of Nintendo's newest accessory and assess how well it performs as a fitness gadget.


The Nintendo Switch Leg-Strap and the Nintendo Switch Ring-Con are new pieces of hardware included in the Nintendo Switch video game Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure. The left Joy-Con may be stored in a bag on the Leg-Strap, which can then be fastened to your upper thigh using the Velcro provided.

The Ring-Con, on the other hand, is a bendable wheel that can be held in either hand (much like a Pilates ring). After that, you will slip the middle Joy-Con into the top of the Solitaire diamond. Plastic makes up the Ring's main body, while the cloth is used for the side handles on both the left and right.

The Ring Fit Vs. A Traditional Gym

This time, there is more of an emphasis placed on the game itself, as opposed to utilizing the peripheral as a platform for other games to tap into, which is one of how Ring Fit Adventure differs from Nintendo's previous efforts in the fitness genre. Ring Fit Adventure is the only game we are aware of that uses both the Ring-Con and the Leg-Strap attachments. This is the case as of right now.

After calibrating the Ring-Con and linking your Leg-Strap, you can adjust the game settings to reflect your current fitness level. This is determined by your age, weight, and the level of intensity that you want from your exercise (which is asked every time you start). The game will then adapt the amount of resistance offered by the Ring to correspond to this level, as well as other aspects such as the needed number of repetitions.

Subversive Workouts

In the 'Adventure' mode of Ring Fit Adventure, the fundamental idea is that there is a nefarious antagonist called Dragaux who embodies everything that it is that we despise most about the culture of gyms. He is a snob. He is quite opinionated. He has a huge ego. At the gym, he is known as the person who grunts, leaves the equipment wet with sweat, and gives inappropriate advice to everyone there.

As was indicated before, your objective is to defeat him by defending yourself against a swarm of hostile creatures. Each of these adversaries is vulnerable to one of five color-coded abilities tailored to certain types of physical activity. For instance, a muscular crab is sensitive to attacks from abilities that target the abdomen region. Still, other species may be vulnerable to attacks from skills that target the legs or arms. The last two talents, yoga and general fitness, integrate various muscle parts and work against an assortment of foes of varying colors.

Little Lasting Appeal

Even though the Ring Fit is undeniably entertaining and gives your exercise a little more vigor, we can't help but fear that it won't have a lasting appeal, particularly considering its price tag. After playing the game for many days in a row, we found that no matter how many different game modes there are to explore or how many different outstanding individual routines there are to check out, we eventually became bored. It's just that the novelty wore off after a while, and the game stopped being as appealing as it once was.

There has been no mention of any post-launch DLC from Nintendo; nonetheless, anything along these lines would be perfect in maintaining the game's freshness and excitement to avoid this happening. Ring Fit Adventure is, at its core, just another exergaming experience that fails to capture our interest fully; as a result, we do not believe that the purchase price is justified. Despite the game's bells and whistles, it's still just another exergame.

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