VHS Camcorder Review: Shoot Totally Tubular "Analog" Videos on Your iPhone, Dude

Martin Wilson

May 29, 2022

The App Store is a terrific location to relive the memories of a bygone era. Developers are keen to cash in on the past, whether it's throwback games from the Atari period or catching up on treasured comic books from a bygone era. The videos we make are also affected by this. The few applications from the '60s and '70s that turned iPhone video into something that looked like it was shot on Super-8 mm? VHS Camcorder, an app that recreates the '80s and '90s look and feel of VHS video is painfully bad detail, has completed the circle. This guide is about VHS Camcorder review: Shoot totally tubular "analog" videos on your iPhone, dude.

Adjust Your Tracking

iPhones and iPads can record films that appear to be filmed on a VHS camcorder, thanks to a $4 time machine. It's not only the pixelated colors, tinny music, and overall lack of clarity that you'll find in this software, but you can even reinstate the date and time stamp that your parents couldn't seem to get rid of.

Putting aside sentimental reasons, why would anybody want to go through with it? Starting off, it is more aesthetically appealing than recording clean footage. VHS Camcorder is a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The on-screen visuals may be adjusted to the past, present, or future.

A user of a VHS Camcorder may enhance the amount of noise as well as tracking distortion on the screen by tilting the device or swiping their finger over the display while the device is recording. There's also a widescreen option for VHS, filling the whole 16:9 frame though the original VHS video is produced in a square 4:3.

A Selfie button and an option to switch on the LED flash complete the newest upgrade, which gives your subjects the absolute washed-out, ghostly pallor that only an authentic analog experience can provide.

Now Recording

As a point-and-shoot, "what you see is what you get" camera, the VHS Camcorder does include a few meaningful choices hidden behind the blue Menu button. It is possible to shoot video in one of three different frame rates: the average American 29.97, the international 25 (also known as PAL), or even 23.976 for splicing in newer high-definition clips.

If you don't have an iPhone 5 or above, VHS Camcorder can really record in HD, but complete 1080p recordings are required. With both iOS 8 and iOS 9, we tested the app on an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad Air, both of which have the horsepower necessary to create the same results (considering the final results).

Although we found that the built-in clip player was sometimes sluggish when loading thumbnails, videos are stored straight to the Camera Roll instead of the app itself, making them convenient to access from any location. In addition, the app's fake distortion cannot be totally removed, although the Professional option gets quite close.

No detail was spared by Rarevision while creating the ultimate iOS VHS recording experience. Still, one central element was left out: You can't apply the VHS touch to previous recordings you've already recorded. A technological constraint or the developer's inability to implement it is the only thing preventing VHS Camcorder from becoming flawless. Therefore we'll let you decide.


For maximum crappiness, you can slide your finger over the screen or shake the device to deteriorate the image. The makers even included the ugly-looking timestamp on so many VHS home tapes since no one knew how or when to turn it off. The good news is that you have complete control over this date so that you may film your 1983 period drama with your friends with complete freedom.

You may also use it in widescreen mode. However, for a genuinely realistic VHS creation, stick to the 4:3 format. " To make your pals believe you've time-traveled to an age you're glad you missed, if you're satisfied with the awfulness of your film, you can post it on all your favorite social networking sites.


While the VHS Camcorder is an excellent method to make your films appear like they were taken in the 1980s and 1990s, the lack of the ability to import other videos makes it a little less than ideal. The software captures footage that "looks and sounds like video records that have been sitting in a vault for 30 years," and it includes all the delightful tape noise, static, as well as tracking distortion that 80s people will remember from those giant VHS babies that promised much more but delivered so little.

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